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Broadspectrum, formerly known as Transfield Services, is an Australian and New Zealand company that provides infrastructure maintenance services. Formerly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and later owned by Ferrovial, it is now a subsidiary of Ventia, an independent essential services company.

A former employee said this in a review “Poorly trained supervisors, huge favoritism, people get promoted in this company through friendships and not through hard work and dedication like they should. Spent 4 years working for Transfield Services and decided to move on".


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Safety Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Good experience in refinery field but no job security at all. It was temporary for only 3 weeks. After that I was unemployed for 2 months until I finally just looked for another job."

boilermaker/ industrial mechanic (Former Employee) says

"At this company while in the field at various refineries the typical day at work required safe work practices and some hard labor. While working and learning every day on the job it becomes easier to move up within the company. The people at the job sites are often very easy to get along with and work side by side with. Trusting each other is a very big part of the typical day here with all of the potential hazards you run into each day. With my time at this company I learned many different trades and have become comfortable with taking the lead in the crew and getting the work day started.Lots of overtime hours each weekBenefits"

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